Universirty SDA church history is tracked way back to the 1970s’ when it started as company of  Magomeni SDA Church.This came about as a result of the growth of membership coming  from the University of Dar es Salaam  and its surroundings. The company (University SDA) grew steadily until 1992 when it was officially dedicated as a Church under Magomeni District of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.  


Since its establishment, the Church has focused on the gospel led evangelism in the University premises and surrounding areas such as Msewe, Kimara , Changanyikeni and even in the Southern part of Tanzania, i.e Mtwara region.

The Church grew to the extent of setting up Makongo Juu, Msewe , Kimara, and Mpindimbi- Maili Sita in Mtwara to be its companies.

These church companies witnessed an impressive growth rate and bacame Churches, and now they are known under the following names and the year they were dedicated as a church in bracket;
1. Makongo Juu SDA Church –(2004)
2. Kimara SDA Church - (1999)
3. Golani SDA Church – (2007)
4. Maili Sita SDA Church – (2008)



There has been a steady and consistent growth of worshipers at the University of Dar es Salaam SDA Church.

Currently, there is an average of 400 to 500 worshipers every Sabbath in the Church

For instance, there has been an increase of members who joins the Church through Baptism from 14 in the year 2009 to 56 in the year 2011 which is equivalent to 300%. The increase of members who joins the church through membership transfer ( Letter) has grown from 17 in the year 2009 to 31 in 2011 equal to 82% ( Source: UDSM Church Secretary report 2009 &2011)

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